Mafraj Radio Episode 5: NDC update & living in the dark

On this episode, we get an update on the progress of the National Dialogue Conference from NDC youth delegate Baraa Shiban and analyst Fernando Carvajal, and we talk with journalist Iona Craig about Yemen’s electricity crisis. Our interview with Baraa also touches on the issue of the continued illegal detention of revolutionary activists.

Download or listen to the episode here:

We didn’t include much background on the electricity situation in this piece, so I encourage listeners to read these two articles on the subject by Adam Baron:

About our guests:

Baraa Shiban
Baraa Shiban is one of the representatives of independent youth activists in Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference. He was a prominent activist in the 2011 popular uprising in Yemen, and is an outspoken critic of repression, corruption, and foreign interference in Yemen. He previously appeared on episode 2 of Mafraj Radio.

Fernando Carvajal
Fernando Carvajal is an analyst, consultant, and author who has been studying Yemen since 2000. He is a frequent contributor to the YPP blog, and a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter.

Iona Craig
Iona Craig is a freelance journalist based in San’a, and The Times of London Yemen Correspondent. She also writes for USA Today, The Sunday Times and regularly contributes to The National (UAE) and Index on Censorship. She tweets at @ionacraig.

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