Advocacy for Peaceful, Constructive US Policies

The goal of our advocacy program is to reshape America’s relationship with Yemen and the Yemeni people by advancing constructive and peaceful policy alternatives based on respect for human rights and international law.

  • The YPP was founded in 2010 with the belief that American citizens have a responsibility to speak out against the brutality of America’s actions in Yemen.
  • We were among the first to challenge America’s extralegal “targeted killings” of suspected al-Qaeda members in Yemen.
  • We were also the first US organization to support Yemen’s peaceful “Arab Spring” uprising against the dictatorial regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh.
  • We currently play a leading role in efforts to end America’s participation in Yemen’s civil war, encourage American support for the UN-led peace process, increase US humanitarian assistance, and advance holistic, non-military alternatives to US counterterrorism activities in Yemen.

The YPP is the first and only advocacy organization in America dedicated entirely to Yemeni and Yemeni-American affairs. Our staff and board members have extensive contacts within Yemen and Yemeni diaspora communities. We work to highlight and amplify Yemeni voices in all our advocacy efforts, with a particular focus on the perspectives of women, youth, and other groups that have long been excluded from foreign policy considerations. Our small but skilled advocacy team in Washington, led by Director of Policy and Advocacy Eric Eikenberry, has years of experience in congressional and administration advocacy, as well as grassroots constituency-building. Since January 2017, the YPP has organized and led a coalition of human rights, humanitarian, and advocacy organizations to drive congressional engagement on Yemeni affairs. Our team has built relationships with more than 50 Senate offices and dozens of House offices on both sides of the aisle. In this short time, we have helped generate unprecedented congressional opposition to US involvement in Yemen's civil war.

Read our 2017 report
on US policy

In late 2016 we produced a comprehensive report on the current state of US involvement in Yemen, along with recommendations for the US administration and Congress. The YPP advocates the development of a more just and constructive policy, one that is in line with America’s values and its obligations under international law, and that respects the civil and human rights of the Yemeni people. Unfortunately, the actions of the Trump administration have followed an opposite approach. The recommendations published here have formed the basis of our advocacy efforts in 2017 and beyond, as we work to transform the US-Yemen relationship for the good of both Yemenis and Americans.