Hallaamal Keir


Hallaamal is a senior at Occidental College, working toward her BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs (International Relations), with a minor in Politics. Within these disciplines, she focuses on transnational identity and resistance, diaspora communities, and the impact of these on international movements and relations. Most recently, Halla has begun research for her senior comprehensive project into grassroots organizing in Yemen, and is looking at the way these dynamics affect Yemeni-British communities. Halla is committed to values of social justice and equity, and pursues these through her various roles such as the President and founder of the South-West Asian and North African Student Alliance at Occidental College. As a two-time Values and Vocations fellow, she has volunteered at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles and at Public Counsel’s Community Development Project. 

As a Policy & Advocacy intern, Halla focuses on arms sales and legislative initiatives (both US and foreign) impacting Yemen.