YPP’s research and analysis form the backbone of all our efforts. We constantly monitor current events in Yemen and study the country’s recent history in order to provide readers with unparalleled commentary and analysis via our blog and podcast. YPP also works to engage with other analysts, scholars, and journalists to contribute to the public body of knowledge on Yemen. Our Mafraj Radio podcast has become the most prominent part of the Research & Analysis program, with an established and growing listenership in the United States, Yemen, and beyond.

In the coming years, we plan to launch the Mobile Micro-Reporting project. We intend to build a network of volunteer informants in locations throughout the country, and use voice, text, and picture messaging via mobile phone to gather “micro-reports” on local issues. Though internet access is hard to come by, GSM and CDMA cellular networks are ubiquitous in much of Yemen. The information we receive—from fluctuations in the prices of flour and fuel to the latest developments in tribal politics—will be shared with the public via the YPP website, and will also be used in our own research and analysis efforts.
We also plan to launch our local journalism fellowships in the near future. This project will recruit a number of young aspiring journalists for four-to-six-month fellowships, during which they will work with mentors experienced in both print and radio journalism to produce in-depth reports on issues of local and national importance in remote areas. Their reports will be featured on the YPP’s podcast and blog.