It's town hall time again!

Congress is in recess this week and next, and many members of Congress will be holding town hall meetings in their home districts. We encourage you to attend a town hall in your district and ask your representative or senator about America's involvement in Yemen, and the treatment of Yemenis and Yemeni Americans here in the US. We've listed a few suggested questions below. Visit the Town Hall Project to find an event in your area.


  • President Trump is currently considering supporting a major military offensive against Yemen's port of Hudaydah, and selling more offensive weapons to Saudi Arabia, which will lead this offensive. The United Nations and humanitarian organizations have warned that an assault on the port will cut off millions of Yemenis from aid and push the country into famine. A number of members of Congress have sent letters to the administration warning against this offensive, and urging the Trump administration to do more to stop the famine in Yemen; have you joined those efforts? What can you do to prevent military escalation and famine in Yemen?
  • Do you think it’s wise for the US to commit military forces in Yemen and get involved in another war, while our government's stated policy is to support the UN-led peace process there? As a member of Congress, would you vote against going to war in Yemen?
  • Do you support activities like the Special Operations raid against al-Qaeda in Yemen that resulted in the deaths of a US service member and at least 16 Yemeni civilians?


  • Why is the executive branch still attempting to bar refugees and immigrants from Yemen? What are you doing to fight President Trump’s Muslim ban?
  • Can you promise those of us in this room that you'll work to defend the civil rights and liberties of Yemeni Americans, Yemeni immigrants, and all other immigrants and refugees in our community, regardless of their religious background?
  • After the president's initial executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries, we learned that US officials bullied two green card holders from Yemen into giving up their residency rights, when all they were trying to do was meet their father in the US and escape from conflict. What are you and your colleagues going to do to rein in the arbitrary and discriminatory acts of agents within the Department of Homeland Security?