Tell Congress to pull America out of Yemen's civil war!

Right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to help end America’s disastrous involvement in Yemen’s civil war. Congressmen Khanna (D-CA), Massie (R-KY), Pocan (D-WI), and Jones (R-NC) just introduced House Concurrent Resolution 81, which, if passed, would require the withdrawal of all US military assets and personnel from the conflict in Yemen. This our chance to change the course of a war that has killed more than 10,000 Yemeni civilians, displaced 3 million, and brought about the world’s worst humanitarian disaster!

This is our chance to send a message that we want Congress to step up and end US involvement in the war in Yemen. This resolution is guaranteed a floor vote by law, but right now House leadership--under pressure from the White House and Saudi Arabia--is trying to stop the vote from happening. We need your help now to make sure HCR 81 reaches the floor.

You can help make sure this legislation passes in just a few easy steps:

First, click the "start writing" button to automatically send an email to your representative.

Next, to make sure your member of Congress hears you loud and clear, give their office a phone call as well.

  1. Call the congressional switchboard (202)-224-3121.

  2. Ask to be connected with your representative (not sure who that is? Enter your zip code here).

  3. When you’re connected with your representative’s office, say:

My name is [your name] and I live in [your town]. I would like Congressman/Congresswoman __________ to co-sponsor House Concurrent Resolution 81 to end US military involvement in Yemen. America’s participation in this war is exacerbating a horrific humanitarian crisis, and it’s time for our government to work for peace.

Thank you for taking action to end the war in Yemen!

To learn more about HCR 81, you can read our full statement here. You can also read about it on Foreign Policy. The YPP led the effort to get this resolution introduced, but we need your help to make sure it passes!

The YPP is the only advocacy organization in the US working exclusively on Yemen and the US-Yemen relationship. Please help us continue this vital work by donating to our advocacy program today!

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