Tell Congress to help prevent an attack on Yemen's Hudaydah port!

In April, your voice helped deter the Trump administration from supporting a Saudi-led coalition attack on the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah. Now, reports are surfacing that coalition-backed forces are mobilizing to attack the city from the south, which will turn Hudaydah into a battlefield, shut down its port, and further exacerbate Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe.

A military offensive on Hudaydah now would be even more devastating than we warned in April. The humanitarian crisis has worsened significantly: a cholera epidemic affecting almost 1 million people has swept the country, 8 million are at risk of starvation, and once-eradicated diseases like diphtheria are beginning to jump across provinces. Additionally, for the past month the Saudi-led coalition has tightened its blockade of the port, which accounts for a full 70% of Yemen’s imports.

The blockade has already condemned thousands of innocent people to death; an attack on the port would threaten the lives of thousands more. Unfettered access to the port is vital to Yemen’s survival, as President Trump himself acknowledged on Wednesday.

Congressional pressure was instrumental in preventing an attack on Hudaydah earlier this year. Now, once again, we need Congress to tell the White House that US support for an assault on the port is unacceptable. Please, contact your representatives today and tell them to urge President Trump to publicly oppose a coalition attack on Hudaydah!

  1. Click the “start writing” button to automatically email your senators and representative.

  2. Call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask for one of your representatives. When you’re connected, say: “I want Senator/Representative ____________ to tell the president to publicly oppose an attack on Yemen’s port of Hudaydah by the Saudi-led coalition. An attack would threaten the lives of millions of innocent people.”

The Trump administration may finally be starting to understand what needs to happen in Yemen. Make them keep up the pressure before the Saudi-led coalition deepens the crisis!