Tell Congress: End the illegal Saudi blockade of Yemen

Saudi Arabia is starving millions of Yemenis to death, and it’s doing it with the Trump administration’s support. Some members of Congress are happy to put US support for the Saudi blockade of Yemen out of mind as they head home for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t return to full inboxes on Monday! Heightened media coverage of the blockade has the Saudi government feeling jittery. The raised voices of a few dozen representatives and senators could push them to fully open the nation’s air and sea ports to humanitarian and commercial traffic.

UPDATE: On November 22, Saudi officials announced that they would reopen certain ports. This does not reflect the facts. Access to these ports has been restricted since March 2015, and aid agencies still do not have sufficient access,  no matter what the Saudis say publicly. 

Write your representative and senators today, telling them it’s time to #TalkAboutYemen and demand an end to the Saudi blockade. Your Members of Congress can do a lot to raise the temperature in Riyadh and make the Trump administration think twice about its tacit support for the blockade.

When they get back on Monday, members can publish press releases, write letters to Saudi government officials, and make speeches in the House and Senate chambers that highlight the staggering humanitarian cost of the blockade and call on the Saudi government to stop using hunger as a weapon of war. They can also raise awareness on social media, as Senator Chris Murphy has done.

To send a message, click the “start writing” button to automatically send an email to your representative and senators. You can also call your senators and representative through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

In addition to contacting your Members of Congress, you can also do the real legwork of raising awareness about US support for the Saudi blockade among friends and family. The YPP has published a brief #TalkAboutYemen FAQ that can help you discuss the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and its man-made causes, as you gather with loved ones for the holiday. When they ask what they can do, ask them to call or write their members of Congress on Monday morning.

Thank you for taking action to end the Saudi blockade!

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