Ask your representatives about Yemen & US policy

During this week's congressional recess, many members of Congress are holding town hall meetings in their home districts. Other members have similar events scheduled for next week or next month. We encourage you to attend a town hall in your district and ask your representative or senator about America's involvement in Yemen, and the treatment of Yemenis and Yemeni Americans here in the US. We've listed a few great questions below. Use this spreadsheet to find a town hall meeting near you.

Foreign Policy

  • Will ramping up America’s military intervention in Yemen’s civil war, including giving greater support to the Saudi-led coalition and possibly even putting troops on the ground, make a peaceful settlement to the conflict more difficult?
  • Do you support activities like the Special Operations raid in Yemen that resulted in the deaths of a US service member and at least 16 Yemeni civilians?
  • Do you think it’s wise for the US to commit military forces in Yemen and get involved in another regional war? As a Member of Congress, would you vote against going to war in Yemen?

Domestic Policy

  • Why is the executive branch attempting to bar refugees and immigrants from Yemen, a war-torn country whose immigrants have never launched a terrorist attack in the US? What are you doing to fight President Trump’s Muslim ban?
  • How will you promise those of us in this room that you'll work to defend the civil liberties of Yemeni Americans, Yemeni immigrants, and all other immigrants and refugees in our community, regardless of their religious background?
  • After the president's initial executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries, we learned that US officials bullied two green card holders from Yemen into giving up their residency rights, when all they were trying to do was meet their father in the US and escape from conflict. What are you and your colleagues going to do to rein in the arbitrary and discriminatory acts of agents within the Department of Homeland Security?