Tell Congress to help protect Yemenis in the US

On July 5, the Department of Homeland Security will decide whether to extend and redesignate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Yemen. TPS allows individuals already living in the US to receive protection when their home country faces war or natural disaster. Yemen first received the TPS designation in September 2015. Since then, the war and humanitarian crisis there have only intensified. If the Trump administration cancels TPS for Yemen — as it has for three other countries already — 1,200 Yemenis would be forced to return.

Today we need your help: contact your members of Congress and ask them to step up by issuing a statement and making a call to the Department of Homeland Security in support of the extension and redesignation of TPS for Yemen.

  1. Call the congressional switchboard (202)-224-3121.

  2. Ask to be connected with one of your senators (not sure who that is? Choose your state here).

  3. When you’re connected with your senator’s office, say:

Hi, my name is ________ and I live in __________. By July 5, the Department of Homeland Security will announce whether or not nearly 1,200 Yemenis will have their temporary protected status extended for 18 months, and whether this status will be re-designated so that other eligible immigrants from Yemen can apply for TPS protections. I urge ______ to let the Trump administration know that you are watching their decision, including by making public statements, writing Tweets, and joining sign-on letters, and by conducting private outreach to DHS and the Department of State. Yemenis are our friends, neighbors, and vital members of our community, and failing to extend TPS and return them to both an ongoing conflict and the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is unconscionable. Senator/Representative _______ must do all that they can to protect TPS for Yemenis living and working in the United States.

  1. When you’re done, call the switchboard again and ask for your other senator.

  2. Now, just one more time: call the switchboard and ask for your representative (find your rep here)!

Thank you for taking action to #SaveTPS!