Tell Congress to help prevent an attack on Yemen's Hudaydah port!

In April, your voice helped deter the Trump administration from supporting a Saudi-led coalition attack on the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah. Now, reports are surfacing that coalition-backed forces are mobilizing to attack the city from the south, which will turn Hudaydah into a battlefield, shut down its port, and further exacerbate Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe.

Tell Congress: End the illegal Saudi blockade of Yemen

Saudi Arabia is starving millions of Yemenis to death, and it’s doing it with the Trump administration’s support. Some members of Congress are happy to put US support for the Saudi blockade of Yemen out of mind as they head home for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t return to full inboxes on Monday! Heightened media coverage of the blockade has the Saudi government feeling jittery. The raised voices of a few dozen representatives and senators could push them to fully open the nation’s air and sea ports to humanitarian and commercial traffic.

Write your representative and senators today, telling them it’s time to #TalkAboutYemen and demand an end to the Saudi blockade. Your Members of Congress can do a lot to raise the temperature in Riyadh and make the Trump administration think twice about its tacit support for the blockade.

Tell Congress to pull America out of Yemen's civil war!

Right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to help end America’s disastrous involvement in Yemen’s civil war. Congressmen Khanna (D-CA), Massie (R-KY), Pocan (D-WI), and Jones (R-NC) just introduced House Concurrent Resolution 81, which, if passed, would require the withdrawal of all US military assets and personnel from the conflict in Yemen. This our chance to change the course of a war that has killed more than 10,000 Yemeni civilians, displaced 3 million, and brought about the world’s worst humanitarian disaster!

This is our chance to send a message that we want Congress to step up and end US involvement in the war in Yemen. This resolution is guaranteed a floor vote by law, but right now House leadership--under pressure from the White House and Saudi Arabia--is trying to stop the vote from happening. We need your help now to make sure HCR 81 reaches the floor.

You can help make sure this legislation passes in just a few easy steps:

Call your senators today and tell them to vote for SJRes 42

Saudi Arabia has been using US-sold weapons against civilians in its war in Yemen. Now the Trump administration wants to sell Saudi Arabia more bombs with no conditions on how they are used.

Thankfully, Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Al Franken (D-MN) have introduced legislation to block the sale and are demanding a full Senate vote.

But Mitch McConnell just scheduled the vote for TOMORROW to hurt the resolution's chances!

Call your Senator at 1-855-68 NO WAR and say: "I'm a constituent and I oppose selling Saudi Arabia more bombs that have been used to kill civilians in Yemen. Please vote for S.J.Res.42!"

Tell Congress to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Last weekend, the Trump administration notified Congress of its intent to renew sales of precision-guided munitions (PGMs) to Saudi Arabia, reversing the Obama administration’s decision to halt such sales due to the munitions’ use against civilians in Yemen. Resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia while the Saudi-led coalition continues to target civilians and civilian infrastructure with US weapons doubles down on an already tried-and-failed US policy, risks aiding and abetting the coalition’s likely war crimes in Yemen, and violates US and international law.

The YPP condemns the administration’s decision to unconditionally arm Saudi Arabia and calls on Congress to block the sale. Help us send our message to Congress by signing this petition today!

It's town hall time again!

Congress is in recess this week and next, and many members of Congress will be holding town hall meetings in their home districts. We encourage you to attend a town hall in your district and ask your representative or senator about America's involvement in Yemen, and the treatment of Yemenis and Yemeni Americans here in the US. We've listed a few suggested questions below. Visit the Town Hall Project to find an event in your area.

Tell your representatives: stop the White House from going to war in Yemen!

Tell your Representatives: Say ‘NO’ to US participation in an unauthorized war in Yemen!

The White House is deciding RIGHT NOW whether the US will provide military support to the Saudi- and Emirati-led offensive to take control of Yemen’s al-Hudaydah seaport that’s controlled by the Houthi-Saleh alliance.

A military offensive on al-Hudaydah would be a humanitarian CATASTROPHE: 70 percent of imports and humanitarian aid enters the country through al-Hudaydah.

This offensive will cut off the aid access to the port, literally threatening the lives of millions of Yemeni civilians – especially the 7.3 million already on the brink of famine.

The YPP joins a broad coalition of NGOs, the United Nations, and several US lawmakers in opposing American support for this offensive because we know the humanitarian suffering it will cause. But we need your help to sound the alarm in Congress.

Tell your Representatives: Stop the White House from going to war in Yemen!

Al-Hudaydah is not just a seaport, but also a major city. That means if the Saudi-led coalition moves forward with the offensive, thousands of civilians are likely to be killed, injured, and displaced.

US participation in this offensive will increase US complicity in the coalition's violations of international humanitarian law and possible war crimes, and threatens to embroil the US in a costly war that has received no public debate or input from Congress.

That’s why a bipartisan group of US Congressmen – Mark Pocan (D-WI), Justin Amash (R-MI), Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Walter B. Jones (R-NC) – are asking their congressional colleagues to demand that the president seek congressional approval before escalating US involvement in Yemen’s war.

Click here to send a message to your representatives urging them to sign this letter to President Trump. American escalation in Yemen could cost millions of lives.

Ask your representatives about Yemen & US policy

During this week's congressional recess, many members of Congress are holding town hall meetings in their home districts. Other members have similar events scheduled for next week or next month. We encourage you to attend a town hall in your district and ask your representative or senator about America's involvement in Yemen, and the treatment of Yemenis and Yemeni Americans here in the US. We've listed a few great questions below. Use this spreadsheet to find a town hall meeting near you.