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The Yemeni Empowerment Fund

The Yemen Peace Project is very pleased to announce the launch of our grantmaking program, the Yemeni Empowerment Fund. Through the Fund, we support Yemeni individuals and organizations who are working for positive change in Yemen and the diaspora.


The Yemeni Empowerment Fund exists to help Yemeni individuals and organizations -- in Yemen and the diaspora -- create positive change in their communities, their countries, and the wider world. We believe that the most effective way to fulfill the mission of the Yemen Peace Project and address the challenges that face Yemenis is through local, Yemeni-run initiatives. The Fund offers small grants and non-resident fellowships -- as well as administrative support and mentorship -- in four areas of focus, in order to strengthen Yemeni civil society, defend the rights of all Yemenis, and increase understanding of Yemen in the wider world.

A flexible, responsive approach to grantmaking

The Fund uses contributions from people who care about Yemen (like you!) to fund projects in Yemen and the Yemeni diaspora. We amplify the impact of the financial support we provide by combining it with administrative assistance, mentorship, and (when applicable) fiscal sponsorship. Our fellows and grantees will work closely with YPP staff to make sure they have the expertise and resources they need to make a difference.

Unlike large grantmaking foundations, we don’t have an endowment or a private fortune to draw from. Instead, we rely on individual donors who want to help us fulfill our mission. Click here to make a difference today by donating to the Yemeni Empowerment Fund.

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Our Areas of Focus

The Fund offers grants and fellowships in the following areas:

Empowering women in civil society and public service

We will offer semester- or year-long individual fellowships to women working in civil society or the public sector in Yemen. Fellows will receive a grant which can be used for training, tuition, or other professional development expenses, or to fund a specific capacity-building initiative. Fellows will work closely with YPP staff and volunteer advisors to design their initiatives or otherwise advance their civil society/public service careers, and will also assist with other YPP projects.

Promoting media and the arts

We will offer semester- or year-long individual fellowships, as well as exhibition grants, for Yemeni individuals using film, photography, visual arts, or interactive media to increase understanding of Yemen/southern Arabia in the wider world. Fellows will receive grants which can be put toward expenses relating to their project, and will work with YPP-selected mentors to improve and focus their work. Exhibition grants will cover costs relating to exhibitions and screenings of grantees’ work outside of Yemen.


Engaging the Yemeni Diaspora

We will offer project grants and, when necessary, fiscal sponsorship, to organizations led by Yemenis in the diaspora working to foster civic and political engagement among diaspora communities in the US, UK, or Europe.

DEfending Yemenis' rights and freedoms

We will offer project grants and, when necessary, fiscal sponsorship, to initiatives that address issues of equality, justice, democracy, accountability, stability, or public engagement in Yemen and the diaspora, and initiatives concerning foreign involvement in Yemen.

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Help us empower Yemenis

The Yemeni Empowerment Fund is entirely dependent on donations from people who believe in our mission and want to help us empower Yemenis to work for positive change. Your gift will make a real difference for our grantees, and for Yemen. Become a part of this crucial effort now!

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Frequently-asked questions

Where does the funding for these grants come from?

Unlike large grantmaking foundations, we don’t have an endowment or a private fortune to draw from. Instead, we rely on individual donors who want to help us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can make a difference by donating to the Yemeni Empowerment Fund here.

Do I have to be Yemeni to apply for a grant?

Most of our grants and fellowships are intended for people and organizations operating in Yemen, or for people of Yemeni descent living in the diaspora. Each of our specific calls for applications will include details about who is eligible to apply. If you have questions about one of our opportunities, please contact our staff by email.

I’m from Aden/Hadhramawt/Soqotra, and I don’t consider myself “Yemeni.” Am I eligible for funding?

We understand and appreciate the many regional identities that exist within the territory internationally recognized as the Republic of Yemen. For most of our opportunities, we welcome applications from any part of that territory. In fact, we actively encourage applicants from places outside the traditional centers of power in Yemen, and applicants who are working on region-specific issues.

What is a "non-resident fellowship"?

Non-resident fellows will work remotely with YPP staff, from their own location. Fellows do not need to leave Yemen to participate in our programs.

I disagree with the Yemen Peace Project’s positions on US policy. Can I still apply for funding?

Yes, please! We are here to help people like you create positive change, and we don’t require (or expect) anyone to agree with us about everything.

I want to donate to the Fund, but I don't want to support the YPP's other programs. What should I do?

We understand that some people might want to support the work of the Yemeni Empowerment Fund, but not the YPP's advocacy program. All donations collected via this page are earmarked exclusively for YEF microgrants and fellowships. If you want your donation to go to a particular area of focus or a specific grantee, please email us and we'll make sure your money goes exactly where you intend.

Do I have to be part of a legally-recognized organization to apply for a grant?

In most cases, no. Many of our opportunities will be open to individuals, informal associations, or organizations without legal status. In fact, in some cases we will offer “fiscal sponsorship” to our grantees. That means YPP staff provides administrative support and a legal presence on behalf of your organization. Learn more about fiscal sponsorship here.

I have an idea for a great project, but I don’t have all the skills or expertise to make it happen; can you help?

Yes! One of the things that makes the Yemeni Empowerment Fund different is that we’re often able to connect grantees with mentors or experts to help them refine their ideas and bring them into being. We’re not just here to offer funding, but to help identify great ideas and figure out what it will take to make them happen.

Have more questions? Email us using the form below. We’re here to help!