The Yemen Peace Project works to transform the relationship between the United States and Yemen by promoting understanding between Americans and Yemenis and advocating for a peaceful, constructive foreign policy.


The Yemen Peace Project was founded in early 2010 in response to the myriad political, social, and humanitarian crises facing the people of the Republic of Yemen, and the negative impact of foreign intervention in Yemen. Although the United States and other major powers are heavily involved in Yemen’s affairs, the country is badly misunderstood by most foreigners. We believe that by increasing understanding, we can begin to create the conditions necessary for more constructive, peaceful relations between Yemen and the international community.


  • To provide accurate and in-depth information about Yemen’s political, social, and cultural issues.
  • To facilitate communication between Yemenis and non-Yemenis;
  • To create new opportunities for Yemenis to make their voices heard.

Our Programs:


Research & Analysis

YPP’s research and analysis form the backbone of all of our efforts. We constantly monitor current events in Yemen in order to provide insightful commentary and analysis via the Directors' Blog and the Mafraj Radio podcast. We also work to engage with other analysts, scholars, and journalists to contribute to the public body of knowledge on Yemen.

Artistic Outreach

The YPP uses art to further our mission of increasing understanding between Americans and Yemenis. Art transcends language and geography, allowing individuals to express themselves and their experiences to a global audience. Our efforts to bring the work of Yemeni artists to the US provide Americans and people around the world a window into Yemeni society and culture, and help our audience to understand how much we all have in common. The cornerstone of the Artistic Outreach program is our International Yemen Film & Arts Festival.


The YPP is building an advocacy program that will communicate the views of Yemeni pro-democracy activists and experts--as well as US-based Yemen specialists--to US policy makers, and encourage a broader discussion of American policy toward Yemen among US officials, legislators, and the general public.

On the Blog:

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The Yemen Peace Project is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of California.