Advocacy for Peaceful, Constructive US Policies

The affairs of the United States and Yemen are undeniably intertwined. Foreign and domestic policy decisions made in Washington have a very real impact on the lives of Yemenis and Yemeni-Americans. By the same token, challenges to security and stability in Yemen affect US interests in the Arabian Peninsula and at home. Within the US, Yemeni-Americans feel the effects of bigotry and Islamophobia, which are rampant among elected officials as well as private citizens.

The YPP is America’s first and only advocacy organization dedicated solely to Yemeni affairs and the US-Yemeni relationship. We believe that Yemeni-American voices need to be heard at all levels of government, and that the interests of both Americans and Yemenis are better served when Yemeni activists and experts, along with US-based Yemen specialists, are included in the policy-making process.

To that end, the Yemen Peace Project is building an advocacy program that will consistently and effectively communicate the views of these groups to US policy makers, and encourage a broader discussion of American policy toward Yemen among US officials, legislators, and the general public.

Read our 2017 report
on US policy

The YPP has produced a new report on the current state of US involvement in Yemen, along with recommendations for the US administration and Congress. The YPP advocates the development of a more just and constructive policy, one that is in line with America’s values and its obligations under international law, and that respects the civil and human rights of the Yemeni people. Unfortunately, the actions of the new US administration in its first two weeks in office indicate an opposite approach. The YPP is concerned that the administration intends to escalate America’s military involvement in Yemen. Such a course of action would have disastrous consequences for the Yemeni people, and would make America less safe as well. The recommendations published here will form the basis of our advocacy efforts in 2017 and beyond, as we work to transform the US-Yemen relationship for the good of both Yemenis and Americans.