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Amat aL Alim Alsoswa


Throughout her career, Ms. Alsoswa has regularly overcome gender barriers by becoming the first woman to hold positions previously only ever held by men. She began as Deputy TV Programs Director at Sana’a TV and then became Chief Editor of Mutaba’at I’elamiah Journal. For three years she led the Yemeni Women’s Union. She then served as Undersecretary in Yemen’s Ministry of Information and then as Chairperson of the National Women’s Committee. She then served as Yemen’s ambassador to Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, based in The Hague. In 2003, Alsoswa was appointed Minister of Human Rights in Yemen and from 2006-2012 served as Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Program and Director of its Regional Bureau for Arab States. Alsoswa regularly publishes and gives lectures and has received numerous awards.

Ms. Alsoswa is the principle at Arabia Felix Consulting, and has consulted for a number of international institutions.