Thus far in 2017 we’ve been able to make a real difference in US policy toward Yemen. Our advocacy team is on Capitol Hill every day, meeting with congressional offices and coordinating advocacy efforts with other organizations.

Here’s the good news: as a direct result of our work, members of Congress are taking concrete action to end America’s disastrous involvement in Yemen’s civil war, support the peace process, and increase humanitarian assistance to Yemenis who are suffering and starving because of the conflict.

  • March: ten senators and 52 representatives signed letters to the White House demanding immediate action to prevent widespread famine in Yemen.

  • April 5: Senators Cardin and Young introduced a bipartisan resolution “calling for an urgent and comprehensive diplomatic effort” to end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

  • April 11: fifty-five members of Congress sent a bipartisan letter to the president demanding that the White House stop escalating America’s military involvement in Yemen’s war.

  • May 3: House members followed that letter by promising to block US military escalation.

  • April 6: senators introduced a bill to block future sales of American-made bombs to Saudi Arabia. US bombs have already been used against civilians on many occasions.

  • May 25: representatives and senators introduced resolutions to prevent a planned sale of smart bombs to Saudi Arabia.

  • June 13: forty-seven senators supported a resolution to block the sale of smart bombs to Saudi Arabia, the highest number of votes such a measure has received since the Reagan era.  

Thanks to you, we made all of that happen, and much more.

But here’s the bad news: without more help from folks like you, we won’t be able to continue our advocacy work next year. For a small organization like ours, this kind of work is expensive and time-consuming. We have proved that these efforts have a real impact, and we’re not ready to give up. But we need your support to keep going!

I hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible gift to the YPP today, so we can keep working for peace in Yemen and more constructive American policies, through this year and beyond. Thank you so much for being a part of this important work! We deeply appreciate your support.