June 19-24: Fighting continues amid further peace talks


UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths has left San’a without a peace deal. This was his second visit to the capital in two weeks.

The United Nations reports that 26,000 have been displaced due to fighting in Hudaydah Governorate. Fighting is centered around the airport compound and residential areas to the south of Hudaydah city. Over forty airstrikes have been reported in other areas across the country as well.


The Saudi-led coalition claimed it has seized the airport in Hudaydah from the Houthi rebels. Coalition forces continue to move into the city as fighting escalates and civilians continue to flee.


After engaging in talks with Houthi leadership, UN Envoy Martin Griffiths feels “encouraged by the constructive engagement” and possibility of a ceasefire in Hudaydah.

The UAE’s foreign minister claims the Houthis are attempting to manufacture a humanitarian crisis, while a new Amnesty International report criticises the tightened blockade of Hudaydah by the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition, accusing them of war crimes.

There seems to be indication from the Houthis that they might agree to a ceasefire and UN control of Hudaydah port, with income going to the Yemen Central Bank, although it is unclear what concessions are being offered to the group. Deputy US Secretary of State John Sullivan and the head of USAID, Mark Green, have met with international nongovernmental organizations to discuss the crisis at the Red Sea port.

Ordinary Yemenis in San’a suffer from the war in ways that don't always make headlines, as they struggle to pay for food and hospitals endeavor to provide  basic medical care with few resources. For the Intercept, photojournalist Alex Potter reports.


The UAE reports it is ready to back diplomatic efforts for a complete rebel pullout from Hudaydah. The Houthi rebels have expressed willingness to share the port with the United Nations, but refuse to give up the crucial humanitarian entryway entirely.


As fighting approaches the main city of Hudaydah, Houthi forces launched ballistic missiles at the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia’s air defense intercepted two missiles over the capital city, in the sixth Houthi attack on the capital since December.