June 26-July 2: Hadi & Southern Council clash over firing of governors

June 26

Reuters reported on the death of a secular activist in the Yemeni city of Aden. The murder comes as a part of growing prosecution of secular Yemenis in Aden.

June 27

The Middle East Monitor reported on claims that Houthi forces were planning a strategic attack within Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Post reported on growing scrutiny on the UAE following reports by Human Rights Watch and the Associated Press which detailed widespread human rights abuses in UAE-run facilities in Yemen.

June 28

AEI’s Critical Threats program published a briefing detailing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP) growing foothold in Yemen, as lawlessness and civil war continue.

The massive cholera epidemic plaguing Yemen might be halfway done according to the World Health Organization as a massive health response seems to have curbed its spread. The most recent numbers indicate that there have been 218,000 cases nationwide.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have again attacked a Saudi coalition warship off the Red Sea coast of Mokha according to the Middle East Monitor. Houthi news media claimed the attack was successful.

Saudi warplanes pounded the Dhubab district of Ta’iz province, taking the lives of 10 civilians and injuring many others, according to the pro-Houthi ABNA news agency. The Saudi warplanes further attacked the residential buildings in Sarawah directorate, Ma’rib province on Sunday June 25, killing 9 civilians during the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, said Alalam agency.

June 29

Yemeni president Hadi issued a presidential decree dismissing the governors of Shabwah, Hadhramawt, and Soqotra, in a move to take control over the liberated provinces in southern Yemen. The order also assigned new majors for the Deputy Chief of General Staff and the Head of the Operations Authority of the Armed Forces positions.

The Yemeni army recaptured Houthi-controlled al-Mukhadara district in Ma’rib province with direct assistance from The Popular Resistance forces, Al Arabiya reported.

June 30

The Turkish government is reportedly preparing to send 15,000 tons of aid to Yemen, according to the Turkish news agency, Anadolu.

A Houthi missile attack on a Saudi military base in the south of Saudi Arabia has killed 6 Saudi soldiers according to the Middle East Monitor.

The Southern Transitional Council issued a statement on Friday rejecting president Hadi’s decree to dismiss three governors, saying that the council will not implement the new decision and will keep coordinating with the current governors. The Council considered the replacement of the governors as an act that "targets the legitimate aspirations” of Yemenis in the south.

Trump’s travel ban goes into effect amid concerns of Yemeni Americans about their relatives fleeing the deadly war in Yemen.  

July 2

The World Health Organization said that Cholera death toll has raised to 1,500 and suspected cases are growing up by 5,000 case every day.

U.S. drone strike kills two suspected AQAP militants in Al-Wadei town, Abyan province as the U.S. is trying to dismantle the group’s capabilities, according to Reuters.