June 25-July 1: Hadi pressures Houthis, coalition halts attack on Hudaydah


Yemeni officials report that coalition airstrikes have killed a family of eight in Amran, north of San’a. An additional twenty were injured in the attacks.

Coalition forces are moving closer to the Hudaydah city center, as fierce fighting has broken out out near Hudaydah University.

The Al Jazeera Listening Post dissects how the US and the UK media are misrepresenting the war in Yemen as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, rather than a conflict that the two countries are deeply involved in.


Four detainees were released from UAE-controlled prisons, days after AP released a report on rampant torture and abuse in the prisons.

US Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban, barring citizens of seven nations, including Yemen, from receiving immigrant and non immigrant visas.


Special Envoy Martin Griffiths returned to Aden to resume peace talks with President Hadi. Hadi’s office later released a statement declaring they would continue to pursue a “Hodeidah initiative,” alongside the United Nations.


President Hadi presents an ultimatum to the Houthis, that they must leave Hudaydah or face a full-scale military assault.


The coalition has paused its offensive on Hudaydah in order to support Martin Griffiths’ attempts to broker peace and negotiate control of the major port. The UAE still demands the unconditional withdrawal by the Houthis from the entire western coast.