October 3-9: UN report blacklists coalition & Houthis, US and Yemen claim progress against AQAP


AP reports that the World Health Organization could have acted faster and sent more vaccines sooner in order to stave off the worst of Yemen’s cholera crisis.

ReliefWeb reports that FAO and the World Bank are launching a $36 million initiative to combat the famine conditions in Yemen, aiding 630,000 and strengthening rural communities.

The Intercept reports that four members of the House of Representatives will force a vote on whether the US should continue its military involvement in Yemen’s war, where it supports the Saudi- and Emirati-led intervention.

The UN reports that lack of mobility for humanitarian workers, migrants, and refugees is exacerbating already horrific conditions in Yemen.

The AFP reports that African migrants have been tortured in Yemen and held for ransom.

Reuters reports that Houthi forces claimed to have shot down an American surveillance drone in San’a.


The BBC reports that Yemeni teachers have had to quit their jobs due to lack of payment. They have sought employment elsewhere, leaving children with little opportunity for education.

Raed Jarrar, MENA Advocacy Director for Amnesty International USA, shares an opinion piece in The Hill calling for an end to US arms sales to coalition states as well as an end to the Trump Administration’s travel ban.

Reuters reports that the United Nations has blacklisted Saudi Arabia for its killing of children in the Yemeni civil war. The UN blacklist of parties that harm children includes all the other parties to Yemen’s conflict as well, including the Houthis and the Hadi government.


AFP reports that a US drone strike killed an AQAP commander in al-Baydha province.

Al Jazeera reports that Saudi Arabia has rejected the UN’s report on violations against children, claiming the report was “inaccurate and misleading.”


AFP reports on the effects of the Houthis’ cross-border incursions into Saudi Arabia.

The New York Times reports that the Yemeni government sees local maneuvers in Shabwah governorate as something of a turning point, having successfully ousted AQAP from towns in the area.


Reuters reports that 5 suspected AQAP members were killed by American drone strike in Marib governorate on Sunday.


New York Times reports that children are frequently being forced into marriage or fighting. Some families depend on the income from wedding dowries, according to the report.