October 6-11: UN children's rights body condemns airstrikes; Congress threatens to block arms sales to KSA


Baseem al-Jenani reported that Houthi forces attempted to force residents of the al-Ja’bali neighborhood of al-Rabsah in Hudaydah to leave their homes in order to convert their houses into military barracks.


Yemen Now, a news source affiliated with the Yemeni Ministry of Information, reports that Houthi leader Sultan Musleh Sowal was assassinated after attending a funeral.


Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ro Khanna put out an op-ed condemning the actions of the Saudi led coalition and criticizing the role of the United States in exacerbating and perpetuating the conflict.

A Saudi-led airstrike killed four civilians at a bee farm near the city of Hudaydah.

The Center for Yemen’s Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations, the Saudi-run agency coordinating the coalition’s very limited humanitarian efforts, put out a statement urging UN organizations to “deposit their funds into the Central Bank of Yemen instead of depositing them in Yemeni commercial banks abroad.” The YCHO explained that these banks fail to transfer funds to Yemen, contributing to the decline of the Yemeni rial.

Outgoing US ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller emphasized that conflict in Yemen cannot be resolved through military efforts. Instead, Tueller observed, a political solution is the only option for sustained peace. He also indicated that the US is open to a continuing role for the Houthis in post-war Yemen, stating that "we have to work with these modern elements on the political side of Houthis, who do not want to see Iran or any other country having a role meddling inside Yemen.”


Nikki Haley resigned from her position as US ambassador to the UN.

UNICEF resumed the functions of their aid call center, allowing for the distribution of emergency cash transfers in Yemen. These transfers had been blocked after the Houthis “pressured UNICEF to close the call center” they use to monitor the distribution of aid.


The WFP reported that tropical cyclone Luban will likely make landfall in Hadhramawt on the 14th of October.

The Nation reported that the United States may be considered a “co-belligerent in war crimes” committed against Yemeni civilians by the Saudi led coalition.  


Frequency of air strikes on the city of Hudaydah and its surrounding districts have reportedly increased, as well as an increase in “frequent, low hovering jets over the city.”

Senator Chris Murphy released a statement demanding that the United States end all military support for Saudi Arabia in response to the disappearance and alleged assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

In a new report, the UN committee on the rights of the child demanded that Saudi Arabia end “airstrikes in Yemen and start ensuring that the perpetrators of attacks on children are brought to justice.”