October 17-23: US court blocks travel ban again, US strikes IS camp in Baydha


A federal judge in Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order preventing the government from implementing the Trump administration’s third attempted travel ban. The decision came just hours before the new policy was due to go into effect.


UAE-backed security forces in Aden began to release Islah Party officials they had arrested the previous week. The UAE and its proxies oppose the Islah Party because of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


US CENTCOM claimed that US airstrikes on training camps in al-Baydha killed “dozens” of fighters belonging to the Islamic State on Monday. This is the first time US forces have targeted the IS branch in Yemen.



The UN’s Task Force on Population Movement has released a new report on displacement in Yemen. According to the report, more than 10% of the entire population of Yemen has been displaced at some point during the war.


Al Jazeera English reported on the UN’s call for schools in Yemen to be considered “safe zones.”


The secretary-general of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s General Peoples’ Congress reportedly sent a leader to the Houthi political leadership warning that the GPC could end its alliance with the Houthis if they will not respect the GPC and the constitution.



Writing for The Intercept, Mallory Moench reports on Yemenis who should have been granted US visas under the “diversity visa lottery” program, but have been prevented from reaching the US because of the Trump administration’s travel ban.



Radhya Almutawakel, president of the Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, penned an op-ed for Al Jazeera calling on the international community to use a newly-established international commission of inquiry to bring human rights violators to justice and help end the war in Yemen.


The Houthi’s minister for youth and sport, Hassan Zaid, suggested in a Facebook post that the Houthi authorities should close schools and send students and teacher to “reinforce the ranks” in the war against the Yemeni government and its allies. The Houthis and all other parties to the conflict in Yemen have recruited child soldiers.


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who attempted to blow up a US commercial airliner on Christmas 2009, is suing the US Department of Justice for alleged violations of his First Amendment rights. He alleges that he has been denied contact with the outside world, prevented from practicing his religion, and force-fed during attempted hunger strikes. Abdulmutallab carried out his attempted attack under the guidance of AQAP. He is currently being held in solitary confinement at a federal maximum-security prison.



A federal judge in Hawaii has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the latest version of the Trump administration’s travel ban from being implemented. This action extends the temporary restraining order the judge issued last week.



Four soldiers were killed and nine wounded in an attack on a military base in Abyan, most likely carried out by AQAP. All five of the attackers were killed as well.