September 12 - 18: Houthis and coalition kill children in illegal attacks


Human Rights Watch said that recent coalition airstrikes that killed children in Yemen likely constitute war crimes. The human rights organizations specifically cites four air strikes that struck civilian homes and one that destroyed a grocery store.

Human Rights Watch also urged Congress to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia and help curb the proliferation of war crimes in Yemen.

Vice News also reported on alleged war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. In one instance, nine civilians were killed in an air strike that struck a residential area and destroyed a home.

A film called Made in Britain highlights British arms sales to Saudi Arabia that are reportedly responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen. The film was released by Save the Children, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of youth around the world.

AP reports that an abducted Indian Catholic priest, kidnapped 18 months ago from a home for senior citizens in Aden, has been rescued. He was flown to Muscat, Oman, and met with Pope Francis the following day. No group took responsibility for his kidnapping or the killing of several nuns and civilians at his facility in Aden.


Reuters reports that China supports the creation of an independent commission of inquiry to investigate violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen, while the United States and Saudi Arabia oppose such action.

The Huffington Post highlights a bipartisan effort to stem human rights abuses committed by the Saudi Arabian government in Yemen. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) are proposing an amendment that would condition military support for Saudi Arabia with assurances of compliance with international humanitarian law.

Foreign Policy wrote that unwavering American support for their Saudi Arabian ally comes at a terrible cost to American aims in the region.

The Red Cross reports that cholera cases could surpass 850,000 this year, bringing the epidemic to a new height.

Rasha Abdul Rahim, Arms Control Advisor for Amnesty International, calls for a reduction in irresponsible arms trading between countries to alleviate civilian harm.

The Financial Tribune reports that the European Union Parliament is considering an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over humanitarian considerations.


AP reports that Abd al-Malik al-Houthi threatened missile attacks on the UAE, one of the leading members of the coalition intervening in Yemen. Houthi-Saleh forces have already carried out a number of missile attacks into Saudi territory.

The United Nations is preparing to expand its aid efforts in southern Yemen. UN humanitarian coordinator Jamie McGoldrick told reporters: "We are bringing in more internationals to be based here and also to go to the provinces to support the humanitarian needs in those places.”

A video report from France24 examines whether Western weapons are being used against civilians in Yemen.

In a televised speech, Houthi leader Abd al-Malik al-Houthi threatened attacks against Saudi oil tankers if Hudaydah is attacked by coalition forces. An assault on Hudaydah has been in planning stages for several months.

Middle East Eye reports that Yemeni forces backed by the UAE claim to have driven al-Qaeda militants from a southern district that is the birthplace of President Hadi.

The United States will see more defense-related export deals with allied Middle Eastern nations under President Donald Trump than with his predecessor, said one expert. “Donald Trump, he has promised deals and deals. Well, he is going to get them from the Gulf,” said Stuart D'Souza, chief executive officer of Arabian Enterprise Incubators, a Saudi Arabia-based company that works with foreign firms seeking to do business with the nation.


A featured article by Al-Jazeera describes an organ trafficking ring operating in Yemen. Due to extreme poverty, some Yemenis have been forced to sell organs to pay bills and purchase everyday essentials.

Reuters reports that 3 suspected al-Qaeda militants were killed in an air strike in the Mudiyah District, Abyan Governorate.


The AP reports that security forces loyal to President Hadi clashed with UAE-backed forces in Aden on Saturday. Officials report at least one person killed and four wounded, including civilians. This is not the first time such clashes have taken place in Aden. President Hadi's loyalists include groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood; the UAE views all such groups as a threat.


AP Reports that the Red Cross condemned Houthi-Saleh artillery attacks in the city of Ta'iz, which killed at least 3 children and injured 9. Local sources say 4 were killed, and 10 wounded. The dead children were between ages 4 and 7.


American Vice Admiral Kevin M. Donegan said Iran is "sustaining the Houthis with an increasingly potent arsenal of anti-ship and ballistic missiles, deadly sea mines and even explosive boats that have attacked allied ships in the Red Sea or Saudi territory across Yemen’s northern border."

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is drawing attention to the US government’s participation in the War in Yemen. He argued the war has not been authorized by Congress and US involvement is not in America's interest.

A new report by War Child UK claims British arms companies have earned over £6bn from their trade with Saudi Arabia during the ongoing war in Yemen. Rocco Blume, a conflict and humanitarian advisor at War Child, criticized the lack of transparency regarding British arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition.

The Intercept reports that US Central Command, or CENTCOM, does not know how much fuel it offloads for Saudi Arabia and its partners. US tracking of its refueling operations has proved unreliable or inaccurate. Not only do US officials now say the totals include Emirati-U.S. operations, but they reference all refueling of any aircraft, including American ones, in a vaguely defined “Horn of Africa” area.


In a press release, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Houthi-Saleh shelling in Ta'iz that killed children last week, as well as a coalition airstrike on Saturday that killed 12 civilians, including 5 children.