January 1-7: Houthis launch another missile at KSA, UN reports on aid access


Al Arabiya identified four members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard who have allegedly been advising the Houthis in San’a.

In the international arena, President Bashir of Sudan confirmed the Sudanese government's continued support of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.


The Office of the Governor in al-Mahrah issued a statement asking local customs to refuse the entry of materials such as trucks, fertilizers, pipes, and motorcycles, which could have long-term negative economic effects on farmers as well as food production.


The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington published a piece by Dave Roberts starting that the UAE is more closely aligning themselves with the Islah party. This would not only mark a major shift in UAE policy towards Yemen, but could also shift the balance of military power in the fight against the Houthis. Thus far, the UAE has refused to arm or fund militias connected to Islah because of the party’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which the UAE considers a terrorist organization. This has restricted the capacity of the anti-Houthi resistance in places like Ta’iz.

Norway suspended all arms sales to the UAE in response to their actions in Yemen.

Houthis captured a U.S. Navy unmanned underwater vehicle off the coast of Yemen.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released their December Yemen Situation Report. There has been a severe loss in livelihoods throughout Yemen, notably among fishers in coastal areas of Hajjah, Ta’iz, and southern Hudaydah, who have been affected by the coalition’s naval operations.

The Atlantic Council published an article by Afrah Nasser outlining the moral and strategic interests that lie in promoting a peaceful solution in Yemen.


Mark Lowcock, Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator at the U.N., reported that some progress has been made regarding the re-opening of Red Sea Ports, which are critical for the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance.

Houthis fired a missile at a Saudi military camp in the city of Najran. The Iranian Government continues to deny providing military support to the Houthis.

BBC included a short video segment in their nightly news report outlining the rising humanitarian cost of the ongoing war in Yemen.


Al Jazeera reported that a Saudi war plane conducting an operation on behalf of the Saudi-led Coalition crashed in Sa’dah. Houthis are claiming that they shot down this plane, but this assertion has yet to be proven.