Al-Hudaydah Governorate

In November, fighting continued between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition in Hudaydah City. Houthi fighters fortified their positions around a hospital, a violation of rule 22, which requires combatants to take precautions to protect civilians.

Ta’iz Governorate

The United Nations Security Council released a report stating that the Houthis concealed weapons and fighters around civilians in al-Makha deliberately to avoid attack. This amounts to using civilians as human shields, a violation of IHL rule 97.


Al-Hudaydah Governorate

Between November 4 and November 7, over 100 airstrikes hit civilian neighborhoods in Hudaydah City, five times more than the entire month of October. This indicates the coalition is not taking precautions to protect civilians, a violation of rule 22.

On November 13, an airstrike struck a bus in Hudaydah City and killed seven civilians who were fleeing clashes in the city. This is a violation of rules 3 and 6.

On November 19, a civilian was killed and four others were injured when an airstrike hit a vehicle in the Tuhayat District. This is a violation of rules 3 and 6.

On November 20, three civilians were killed when an airstrike hit a house in al-Hali District. This is a violation of rules 3 and 6.

Hajjah Governorate

On November 26, a mother and her five children were killed in a coalition airstrike in Hajjah Governorate. The airstrike also wounded three other family members. This is a violation of rules 3 and 6 of IHL, which prohibit harming civilians.

Hadhramawt Governorate

In November, SAM Rights and Liberties reported that it has documentation of a coalition-run military prison in Seyun that exposed prisoners to torture and cruel, inhumane treatment. It is reported that these prisoners are held without trial and some are held as hostages to coerce family members to surrender. Torture is prohibited by rule 90 and rule 100 requires a fair trial before sentencing or conviction. Hostage-taking is prohibited by rule 96.


Al-Hudaydah Governorate

At least seven civilians died in clashes between the Houthi and coalition forces in Hudaydah City on November 12, violations of rules 3 and 6, which protect civilians in armed conflict.  


On November 7, eighteen civilians were killed and another seventeen injured by airstrikes, shelling, and landmines in al-Hudaydah and Hajjah governorates. These are violations of rules 3 and 6, which prohibit harming civilians.

According to the Norwegian Refugee Council, critical humanitarian aid continues to be obstructed while visas and in-country travel are denied for humanitarian personnel. This is a violation of rule 55, section B, which forbids the impediment of humanitarian aid.  


Al-Hudaydah Governorate

On November 7, a malnutrition clinic in Hudaydah City was attacked. This violates rule 22, which requires all parties to take measures to ensure civilians are not harmed, and rule 55, which forbids the impediment of humanitarian aid.