Hudaydah Governorate

The Mothers of Abductees Organization has condemned Houthi forces for abducting and hiding women in Hudaydah City. The arbitrary deprivation of liberty is forbidden by rule 99.

San’a Governorate

The Houthis threw restrained prisoners suffering from severe memory loss due to torture into the streets of San’a in early March. Torture is prohibited by rule 90 and rule 118 states that those deprived of their liberty must have access to adequate medical care.

Hajjah Governorate

A Yemeni government human rights body has accused the Houthis of criminal acts in Hajjah Governorate, where 480 civilians have gone missing. The arbitrary deprivation of liberty is forbidden by rule 99 while harming civilians is prohibited by rules 3 and 6.

Houthi forces have reportedly maintained a siege around some parts of Kushar District, and have targeted civilian homes with rockets and missiles, according to local sources. Fighting between the Houthis and local resistance fighters, backed by coalition air power, has displaced tens of thousands of civilians and caused an unknown number of civilian casualties. Rule 1 requires that parties to a conflict distinguish between combatants and civilians at all times.


The Houthi militia has recruited at least 5,113 child soldiers over the past four years, according to a monitoring institution in Yemen not affiliated with the government. Children are protected from violence by rule 135 while rule 136 specifically forbids the recruitment of child soldiers.


Sa’dah Governorate

On March 26, a Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit a rural hospital in the Kitaf District, killing eight people, five of whom were children. This is a violation of rules 3 and 6, which prohibit harming civilians, and rule 28, which requires the protection of medical units and facilities.

Ta’iz Governorate  

Militiamen backed by the Saudi-led coalition have been sexually assaulting boys as young as eight in the city of Ta’iz, according to Amnesty International. Children are protected from violence, specifically sexual violence, by rule 135, while all rape and other forms of sexual violence are prohibited by rule 93.

Hajjah Governorate

On March 12, a Saudi-led coalition airstrike killed ten women and twelve children in the Kushar District. Thirty other civilians were wounded in the airstrike. Civilians are protected from attack by rules 3 and 6.


Hudaydah Governorate

On March 18, shelling killed a woman and a child while injuring four other civilians in clashes between Houthi and government forces in Hudaydah City. Rules 3 and 6 protect civilians from attack. Rule 15 requires that combatants take all feasible precautions against harming civilians.