Press review 2/24/2014

Important news on Yemen from the past week: Feb 19- The Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company finished drilling the first of five wells near Al-Jawf. The estimated production capacity will be six million cubic feet of gas per day, providing a boost for the Yemeni economy.

Feb 16- An armed attack on Sana'a Central Prison led to the escape of 29 prisoners. Six soldiers and two passerbys were killed. Three of the escapees were convicted of plotting President Hadi's assignation last July.

The UN Security Council discussed drafting a resolution to place travel bans and freeze assets of Yemenis who attempt to impede the political transition process. Former President Saleh and Vice President Ali Salim Al- Beidh are of particular concern of interfering in reconciliation talks.

Feb 22- A Czech doctor has been kidnapped in Sana'a by armed assailants. This is the third foreigner to be taken this month. Officials believe the doctor was taken by disgruntled tribesmen from Marib.

Protests erupted in Hadhramawt over the central government's plan to split the southern region into two distinct, federal entities. Further, Ali Bawazir, a popular local cleric, was killed and many residents perceive this as the government's inability to establish security in the region.

Feb 24- A British national has been accused of stealing and buying ancient artifacts. Raginder Singh Freddy was arrsed in mid-January when authorities found small statues and stones with the south Arabian alphabet. The general prosecutor wants him to be imprisoned for smuggling the country;s national relics and buying nine other artifacts from Yemenis.

Feb 24-Dr, Hassan Farhan, head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, is organizing a census for next December. Apart from the population, the census will also survey housing and facilities in the country.

Feb 24- Al Qaeda issued a video that documents details surrounding their most important operations carried out in Yemen in recent months. It details from initial preparation until their eventual implementation. The video can be featured on "Branch Net."