Press Review 3/3/2014

A round-up of important stories from the past week, by YPP intern Joshua Levkowitz. March 2- Comprehensive article on current president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. He is considered to be the only viable presidential candidate for the country's next presidential election, likely to be held in 2015.

March 1- Aden al-Ghad, a newspaper that reflects views of the Hirak movement, printed its saturday edition after authorities prevented the paper from publishing a week earlier. The editor of the newspaper said the publication will continue along the same editorial line despite ongoing threats. The newspaper began publishing after southern activists rose up in 2007 to demand southern independence.

March 1- Members of the Houthi group protested in al Hazm, the provincial capital in al Jawf, over the government's inability to boost the national economy. A clash broke out between security forces and Houthi fighters, leaving thirteen people dead. 

February 27- The U.N. Security Council authorized sanctions against any against anyone attempting to obstruct Yemen's political transition. Penalties include asset freezes and travel bans. Britain's U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant believes this will be a clear message that the world supports the Yemeni people's desire for a stable country.

February 27- Imam Ali Bin Salem Bawazeer, a cleric in the Hadramout region known for his anti Al-Qaeda preaching, was assassinated. The gunmen were unidentified. 

February 26- Two gunmen shot and killed Intelligence General Rishad al-Kaladi in Al Mukalla, the provincial capital in Hadramawt.