Mafraj Radio episode 13: President Hadi vs. Ansar Allah

On this episode we take an in-depth look at the Huthi movement, which is waging a campaign of expansion in Yemen's north and mounting mass protests against the government in San‘a. We speak with pro-Huthi activist Alhossain Albokhaiti, who has participated in the protests in the capital, and with journalist Peter Salisbury, who has written about Yemen and the Huthi movement for Al Jazeera, Vice, and other publications. 

We went into greater detail on the origins of the Huthi movement on the first episode of Mafraj Radio, which is worth revisiting.

For more information on the current crisis, check out these articles:

The UN Security Council's committee for the implementation of Resolution 2140 issued a press release today describing the interim report of its "expert panel," which was established to determine which individuals and parties in Yemen should face sanctions for interfering with the transition process. The report suggests that the Huthi leadership is at the top of the list.