Mafraj Radio #16: 20 Years of Houthi History in 48 Minutes

On the first episode of our third season, we explore the origins and expansion of the Houthi movement, also referred to as Ansar Allah, and we look at how the movement has adjusted to its new-found power, following the fall of Yemen's government. Get ready for 20 years of Houthi history in 48 minutes! This episode features clips from Mafraj Radio episode 1, which featured interviews with Adam Baron and Madeleine Wells Goldburt, and episode 13, which featured Peter Salisbury and Hussain Albukhaiti. This episode also features new interviews with Albokhaiti and Baraa Shiban.

For more coverage of Ansar Allah's coup and the events that have followed, check out the Mafraj blog. Hussain al-Bukhaiti's op-ed, which we reference in the last segment of the show, can be found here.

Read recent reports on violence against anti-Houthi protesters by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.