Mafraj Radio #18: Marib, Saudi politics, and Change Square in photos

On this episode we take a closer look at one of the many front lines in Yemen's civil war(s), the governorate of Marib, where local tribes are fighting to repel pro-Houthi and pro-Saleh forces. We also talk about the politics behind Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen, and look back at Change Square, four years after Yemen's popular uprising.

Nadwa al-Dawsari, who explains the conflict in Marib for us, is an expert in tribal affairs and conflict in Yemen. She's a nonresident senior fellow at the Project for Middle East Democracy, and has worked at several other think-tanks and NGOs in the US and Yemen.

Peter Salisbury is an analyst and journalist who has written about Yemen for several years. You can hear him talk about the Houthi movement on episodes 13 and 16 of Mafraj Radio.

Atiaf Alwazir is a researcher, writer, photographer, and activist. She's currently based in Tunis.