Mafraj Radio #20: San‘a in ruins, bickering in Geneva

On this episode we talk with British-Yemeni activist and journalist Rawan Shaif al-Aghbari about the current situation in San‘a. We also hear about this month's preliminary, UN-backed peace talks in Geneva, from journalists Nawal al-Maghafi and Adam Baron.

Nawal al-Maghafi is a reporter and filmmaker based in London. She covers current affairs for Al Araby TV, and has produced programs for the BBC and other outlets.

Adam Baron is a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He lived in San’a for several years, covering Yemen for McClatchy and other US-based outlets.

Rawan Shaif al-Aghbari is a British-Yemeni videographer and freelance writer who made her journey back home to San‘a via boat during the second month of the war on Yemen. Since arriving in Yemen, Rawan has been using photography to document life during wartime.