Proposed UN peace deal leaked to Lebanon's al-Mayadeen

Lebanese news outlet al-Mayadeen published on July 20th excerpts from a leaked document regarding a proposed solution to Yemen’s conflict by Saudi Arabia. The document, consisting of two parts, was released to the Lebanese outlet by unnamed “Western diplomatic sources.” It was presented to UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, but rejected by the Houthi delegation on the grounds that it was not comprehensive and would postpone important aspects of a political resolution. Part one of the proposed agreement was signed in Kuwait and overseen by the UN envoy and the Emir of Kuwait. It stipulates a complete cessation of hostilities and designates San’a, Ta’iz, and al-Hudaydah as area “A”, from which Houthis would be required to withdraw and to hand in their weapons within 30 days of signing. According to the agreement, all prisoners would be released and entrances to cities would be opened up to allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid and the resumption of trade.

Part two of the agreement was reportedly signed in Mecca, and stipulates the appointment of a vice president who will in turn appoint a new prime minister. The prime minister would be tasked with forming a unity government within 30 days following the handing in of weapons.

The Kuwait talks were adjourned on Saturday, August 6 without reaching an agreement. Both the Hadi delegation and the Houthis say they will continue negotiations within a month, but for now the suspension of the peace talks has led to intensified fighting and airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.