Schools Under Attack in Yemen - Amnesty International

A new report by Amnesty International investigates five airstrikes, carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, on schools in Yemen. The country's education system is in shambles at present. Armed factions on all sides of the conflict have attacked and/or occupied schools. In many parts of the country, displaced people have taken up residence in school buildings, making it difficult or impossible for classes to continue.

Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces have carried out a series of air strikes targeting schools that were still in use, in violation of international humanitarian law, and hampering access to education for thousands of Yemen’s children, said Amnesty International in a new briefing published today. The coalition forces are armed by states including the USA and UK.

The briefing ‘Our kids are bombed’: Schools under attack in Yemen, investigates five air strikes on schools which took place between August and October 2015 killing five civilians and injuring at least 14, including four children, based on field research in Yemen. While students were not present inside the schools during the attacks, the strikes caused serious damage or destruction which will have long-term consequences for students.

Read Amnesty's full report here.