HRL & IHL Violations - February 2018


San'a Governorate

On February 15, Amnesty International reported that the Houthi-controlled Specialized Penal Court in San’a imposed death sentences on three civilians accused of spying for the coalition. The Houthi-controlled justice system has been accused of several other human rights violations: According to SAM, hundreds of female inmates are subjected to violations daily at Houthi prisons, including torture and humiliation. Torture and cruel or inhuman treatment violates Rule 90 of Customary IHL.

Ta'iz Governorate

On February 8, human rights activists Reham Al-Bader Al-Dhubhani and Mu'men Saeed Hammoud Salem were said to have been killed by apparent Houthi gunfire while delivering humanitarian aid in Ta’iz. This violates Customary IHL Rule 31.



From February 3-4, the Saudi-led coalition carried out more than 46 air strikes across Yemen, the Houthi-run Saba News Agency reported.  Up to 58 people were injured. If these claims are substantiated, the Saudi-led coalition would be responsible for violations of of IHL Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.

Ta'iz Governorate

On February 13, coalition warplanes launched three attacks on residential areas in the Ta’iz, killing and injuring scores of civilians. This violates IHL Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.

Marib Governorate

On February 14, a coalition airstrike killed 4 civilians in Marib. On the same day, another strike targeted a gas station in the populated district of Jarrahi, killing at least two women and injuring dozens of residents.This violates IHL Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.


Aden Governorate

On February 24, ISIL-affiliated suicide bombers tried to storm the headquarters of a counter-terrorism unit in Aden, killing 6 people and injuring 40 civilians.