HRL & IHL Violations - March 2018


Ta'iz Governorate

On March 16, the Houthis reportedly shelled a residential area in Ta’iz. No casualties were reported. Attacks on residential areas violate IHL Chapter 3.

On March 13, the Houthis targeted a military hospital in Ta’iz. This violates IHL Rule 28.

On March 20, Houthis targeted an ambulance in al-Khoukha. This violates Customary IHL Rule 29.

Saudi Arabia

On March 25, Saudi Arabia claimed that it had intercepted seven Houthi missiles targeting four cities in Saudi Arabia, including RIyadh. At least one civilian is said to have died in the attack. This would violate IHL Chapter 3.

Ibb Governorate

On March 29, Houthi forces seized a 15-truck aid convoy in Ibb province. Preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid is in violation of Rule 55 of humanitarian law.

Al-Bayda Governorate

On March 30, according to local sources, Houthi militias ran over 12 civilians with a tank in al-Bayda. Seven out of the 12 civilians were declared dead. This violates IHL Chapter 6.



An IRC report found that the Saudi-led coalition is violating citizens’ basic right to healthcare and the right to life. The Saudi-led coalition has allowed the decline of the government’s health care services, and blockades have rendered the import of medicine and vaccines complicated and costly. “This is a violation of international humanitarian law and indefensible,” said David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee.  



US drone strikes killed a 13-year old boy and other Yemeni civilians in March, The Intercept reports. According to local sources, three separate drone strikes in Hadhramawt province over the course of the week led to eight civilian deaths. “All the victims were of displaced families who had nothing to do with terrorism and are living under difficult conditions in tents,” said Baraa Shiban, a Reprieve caseworker. This violates IHL Chapter 6.

Al-Bayda Governorate

On March 29, five civilians were injured and five were killed in a US drone attack in al-Bayda province. This violates IHL Chapter 6.



On March 13, SAM reported on IHL violations against journalists by multiple parties: the Houthi militias, the Security Belt forces in Aden, which is supervised by the UAE, and the Hadi government. The organization pointed to a noticeable rise in attacks on media offices over the past two months. This violates IHL Customary Law Rule 34.