April 1-7: Civilians suffer as airstrikes and fighting continue

Over the last week, local press coverage had underlined the dramatic aftermath of 13 days of continuous aerial attacks by a Saudi-led coalition, which, in addition to hundreds of casualties, have caused a fuel shortage, long power outages, the suspension of educational institutions, and mass evacuations of foreigners. The aerial attacks were reported to have left 857 civilians dead in different parts of Yemen, including 160 children under the age of 15. Also, at least 100,000 people have been internally displaced.

On the outskirts of the capital, Sanʻa, at least 11 people from a single family were killed by an airstrike. In the same area, six people were killed and eight others were wounded. Two more people were killed and three others were wounded in Sanhan village, not far from the capital. In the western port city of al-Hudaydah, an airstrike hit a dairy factory killing more than 33 workers. Also in al-Hudaydah, five trucks loaded with wheat were shelled while on their way to Taʻiz province. In the southern province of Lahj, a cement factory was bombed, where dozens were killed and wounded. In Saʻdah province, at least nine people from a single family, including four children, were killed by an airstrike.

As the Saudi aerial attacks were launched on March 26, a fuel crisis began, leaving Sanʻa residents with only a few hours of daily electricity supply from diesel-run stations, while schools and universities in the capital have been put on hold for another week.

Moreover, as the Saudi-led campaign—which is ostensibly intended to halt the  advance of pro-Houthi and pro-Saleh forces—entered its second week, the Houthis entered the southern port city of Aden with tanks and armored vehicles. The city saw fierce clashes over the past two weeks, in which more than 500 people have died. The situation in Aden continues to deteriorate, while Arab and western countries continue to evacuate their nationals from the city’s seaport.

Meanwhile, the Islah Party announced its support for the Saud-led Operation Decisive Storm. Since then, Ansar Allah’s forces have stormed the party’s headquarters as well as the homes of leaders and members, abducting more than 300 in at least six Yemeni provinces.