Statement of Yemeni civil society organizations on the current crisis

The statement below was issued today by a group of Yemeni civil society organizations. One of the signatory organizations, the Peace for Yemen Group, shared the statement with the YPP for publication. The YPP is not a signatory to this statement. In the name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful A cry for help for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations: Dear Heads of Members states of the United Nations: Dear representatives of international humanitarian, development and human rights agencies:

We, the leaders, members and representatives of humanitarian, human rights, development, women, youth and social empowerment organizations in Yemen, call on the United Nations and its member countries to institute an immediate ceasefire among warring factions in Yemen, to create safe passage for commercial goods and humanitarian and economic assistance into the country, and to facilitate resumption of negotiations, with no preconditions, among Yemen’s political parties toward a reasonable and workable compromise.

We are experiencing firsthand the devastation of our country from the armed conflicts and bombings, which are killing innocent people and leaving many more without medical treatment, shelter, water and food. Not only military targets are being hit: civilian businesses, homes and food factories have been demolished; utilities, social, health and government services have stopped functioning; and civilian hunger, injuries and deaths are climbing. This unjust war, which grew from hostilities among political factions and has opened our nation to external and foreign interference, will come to no good end. By ruining basic infrastructure and cutting off access to commerce, food, water and health care, Yemen will be left bankrupt and desperate, ultimately tearing our country apart and giving power to armed groups and extremists.

Yemen is now under an air, land and sea embargo, Yemenis are banned from traveling, airports are closed, even for those who must travel for medical reasons, international financial agencies have suspended their businesses in Yemen, and fund transfers into the country have been stopped. Oil derivative supplies have dwindled and power generation is being cut all over the country. Lifesaving food and medical supplies cannot reach the thousands who are suffering. The Yemeni people suffer daily from this ugly war and the humanitarian crisis that has followed in its wake, but the other nations will suffer, as well, since the only winners are the armed factions that will use Yemen as a base operations to wreak havoc both in our country and abroad.

Therefore, we in the civil society organizations, appeal to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, the members of the United Nations and international humanitarian agencies to quickly and immediately intervene, to stop this war and force all powers that are behind these attacks to resume dialogue with no prior conditions, to form a transitional presidency or presidential council, building on the constructive outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference. Please hear the voices of all Yemenis—every mother and child—who appeal for your leadership and immediate intervention to save Yemen from this humanitarian crisis.

Signatory organizations:

  1. Network Of Independent Women
  2. Alliance Of Volunteers For Women
  3. Yemen First Organization
  4. Women Will Bring Us Together Initiative
  5. Awam Foundation For Cultural Development
  6. Center For Cultural Media
  7. Network Of Arab Women Leaders
  8. Bran Cultural and Humanitarian Foundation
  9. Yemeni Foundation for Informatics
  10. Association of Women In The Media for the Support of Women's Issues
  11. Faces Media And Development Foundation
  12. Peace for Yemen Group
  13. Scheherazade Cultural Foundation
  14. Sanaa University Academics Club
  15. Network of Media Figures for the Support of Women's Issues
  16. Activists For The Homeland Initiative
  17. Organization of Diaspora Yemenis
  18. Association of Yemenis in Russia for Change
  19. National Committee for Women
  20. Voice for Development Foundation
  21. Activists for Development and Human Rights
  22. Together Foundation (Ibb)
  23. The Sam Foundation for Childhood and Development
  24. Council of Yemeni Businesswomen
  25. Foundation for Cultural and Social Development of the Child
  26. Foundation for Community Cooperation
  27. Yemeni Human Rights Monitor
  28. Organization for Women’s Development
  29. Jisarah Foundation for Development and Human Rights
  30. Yemeni Coalition For Peace
  31. Ghasn al-Qanna Magazine
  32. The Peacemakers
  33. The Supreme Council For Motherhood and Childhood

I translated the names of the signatory organizations from Arabic, and there were several I was not familiar with. If you'd like to reference the original list, you can find it below: [toggle title="Signatory organizations (Arabic)"]

المنظمات الانسانية والحقوقية النسائية والشبابية والقوى المجتمعية في اليمن 1. شبكة النساء المستقلات (فوز ) 2. تحالف متطوعون من اجل النساء 3. منظمة اليمن اولا 4. مبادرة إرادة نساء تجمعنا 5. مؤسسة أوام التنموية الثقافية 6. مركز الاعلام الثقافي 7. شبكة الرائدات العربيات 8. مؤسسة بران الثقافية الانسانية 9. المؤسسة اليمنية للمعلوماتية 10. تكتل اعلاميات لدعم قضايا النساء 11. مؤسسة وجوه للإعلام والتنمية 12. مجموعة السلام لليمن 13. مؤسسة شهرزاد الثقافية 14. منتدى اكاديميات جامعة صنعاء 15. شبكة اعلاميون لدعم قضايا النساء 16. مبادرة نشطاء من اجل الوطن 17. منظمة يمانيو المهجر 18. تجمع اليمنيين في روسيا للتغيير 19. اللجنة الوطنية للمرأة 20. مؤسسة صوت للتنمية 21. نشطاء للتنمية وحقوق الانسان 22. منظمة معا ( آب) 23. مؤسسة سام للطفولة والتنمية 24. مجلس سيدات الاعمال اليمنيات 25. مؤسسة غرس الثقافية الاجتماعية للتنمية الطفل 26. مؤسسة المشاركة من أجل المجتمع – اليمن 27. المرصد اليمني لحقوق الانسان 28. منظمة تنمية المرأة (ود ) 29. مؤسسة جسارة للتنمية وحقوق الانسان 30. التحالف اليمني للسلام 31. مجلة غصن القنا 32. صانعات السلام 33. المجلس الاعلى للأمومة والطفولة